‘Teen Mom 2’: Briana DeJesus Reveals Why She Really Broke Up With John — Watch

On component among the ‘Teenager Mommy 2’ reunion, Briana DeJesus got very blunt while discussing why she pulled the plug on her relationship with John Rodriguez. Also the hosts were taken aback by the MTV celebrity’s honesty!

Briana DeJesus, 25, didn’t sugarcoat the reality on component one of the Teen Mama 2 reunion, which aired on Dec. 3! In the months since the MTV star damaged up with John Rodriguez in August, Briana has actually supplied reasons on why the relationship failed, yet none as ahead of time as the ones she offered during the reunion. “I just stopped liking him. I just quit loving him. It was something,” Briana admitted, a brutal admission that earned a “Damn!” from co-host Nessa Diab. There should be no hope for an enchanting reunion, due to the fact that Briana added, “I got up one early morning and said, ‘I’m not pleased.’ I don’t believe he’s the one for me.”

Briana texted those exact same words to John– “I’m not satisfied”– to finish the relationship on the Nov. 26 episode of Teenager Mommy 2. Yet their last exchange had not been over message, considering that co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky informed Briana that her ex-spouse was backstage and would quickly take the hot spot! Prior to the large conflict, nonetheless, Briana anticipated that all the blame would be placed on her.

“He’ll say it’s all my fault. He says that he never ever had a hundred percent of me. It draws due to the fact that as I kicked him to the visual, but he really did not battle to be with me either,” Briana claimed at the reunion. However did the mom of 2 really desire John to save their love with a last-ditch effort? See the rest of the clip below to find out.

Briana offered a lot more factors– albeit, gentler ones– on why she called it gives up with John in a SPECIAL interview with HollywoodLife in September. Previously in the period, an unidentified woman on Instagram claimed that John fertilized her (which he denied), yet the accusation alone “wasn’t the main reason” they broke up, Briana informed us.

“It was simply that I wasn’t satisfied any longer and far away got the best of us, as well as I have a lot taking place in my life, and I had to decide on my fights, which’s just what it is,” Briana told us. She acquired a brand-new house in Florida in the summer season of 2019, which was more than a rock’s get rid of from her former boyfriend’s online in New York City. Nevertheless, Briana also had type words to say about her ex, informing HollywoodLife, “Yet I do take care of him. I like him as well as I desire him the very best. However now, I don’t think we can be with each other.” She has upheld those words.

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